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Another fairy tale but this time connected with the old folk stories that we usually hear from our ancestors. The dragon tale takes a new turn in this Naomi Novik’s novel where the people don’t consider the dragon a cursed thing anymore. The dragon doesn’t harm them and they also never try to kill it as it is not a dragon according to them, it’s a wizard that protects their valley. The valley is close to a deadly forest and the immortal wizard in form of a dragon protects it.

The villagers also pay tribute to the dragon after every ten years in form of a girl of his desire. The dragon does not eat the girl as originally he is a wizard; he just needs a girl who can serve him in his cave. It’s the dawn of a new decade when the novel starts which means that the villagers have to find another girl for the presentation.

The most worried person in the village appears to be a girl named Agnieszka who fears that the dragon might take her friend this time. Kasia the most talented and skilled girl of the town appears to be a good choice for the dragon for his service that he provides to the villagers.

Ironically Agnieszka’s fear strike her in the worst manner possible as the dragon chooses her for the service and ten years with the dragon is something more than death. The novel is a start after which we see other dragon tales by the writer like His Majesty’s Dragon, the writer has given a whole new dimension to the folk dragon stories which prove to be quite appealing. Julia Emelin starts the narration in high passion and never rests until the story ends.



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