Us Against You

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Us Against You is the 2nd chapter of the Beartown novel series, which is yet another humorous tale for the audience to enjoy. This fictional novel is written awesomely by Fredrik Backman, who made us laugh out loud once again. Marin Ireland, just like in the prequel of this novel is absolutely awesome once again with her performance as a narrator.

After all the things, which the residents of the Beartown have gone through, they are up against yet another blow, when they heard that their lovely youth hockey team will very soon get disbanded. The thing that make all this scenario even worse is that the definite satisfaction that all the ex-players, who now play hockey for a different team take in that fact. In between all this ever increasing tension between the two teams, a weird new joiner is elected to be the new hockey coach of Beartown. 

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In very little time, a very new team start to make impression around Amat, who is the fastest known hockey plat that one could ever see. Bringing this team close and to make it perform well is a challenge as many strong old bonds are finally broken now and the new ones have just formed and taking their shape. The hostility with Hed is growing extremely lethal with time, which weren’t good signs for the future and for the spirit of the game. 

A Man Called Ove might not be an award winning novel, but it made Fredrik Backman the best-selling author in New York Times. Moreover, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry is another exciting novel from the author that is worth your time to be listened in its audio book format. Member Benefit

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    My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry


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