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Among all the species that Laurann Dohner has presented up till now this male with the gruff of a lion is the most fascinating one. The strange thing about Valiant is that he is not looking for a human mate at all. One thing that disgusts him the most is the presence of a human being, their stinky smell just makes him full of rage and anger.

Thus the lion kind of a creature is not like Fury or Slade who would like to get a female human in his bed for sexual pleasures. But again these were his thinking before seeing Tammy for the first time. The hot-looking babe affected his taste and he started feeling the appeal that never existed in his body before. As he approached closer the hatred towards the human race was gone forever, his mind started developing feelings for the girl. Tammy, on the other hand, wanted some change in her patterned life but this didn’t mean that she wanted a lion-like creature in her placid life.

Though the girl got terrified by the appearance of the superhuman strength of Vigilant but from the inside she too developed a feeling of getting closer to him. It does not take long before the two forget the word “No” and drop down on the same bed for an experiment of a lifetime. In the voice of Vanessa Chambers, we listen to another tale full of sexual pleasures and raw emotions. The action comes quite later in the book, for the most part, there are scenes of human and a lion-like creature coming closer to one another.

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