Valley of Death

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Alvin dead in the real world but still working actively in the virtual world decided to prove his point to the world in the first part Rapture. He opened the gate of the Apocalypse and proved that he still exists strongly but still things are not as easier as they look.

He had to survive every attack that he faces, attacks like that of the mutated bugs, the undead and then the animals unknown. He can do nothing except to fight and try to remain alive as long as he can so that he can devise a plan to get out of this mess alive. If he dies it game over for him from both sides of the world i.e virtual and real. Luckily he meets the ever stunning Gothy who is broken and in need of help.

She makes the moments in the game a little colorful for the man who now wants to appear as a bad guy in the game because that’s how he is presented. Alvin has tackled everything so far but now comes the dragon and the future appears to look grim.

Alvin and Gothy wander on the roads of America with enemies on their tails and the game finally starts to look more threatening and real too. Daniel Schinhofen has a habit of taking odd steps in literature and that is the strength and the source of fame for the writer.

Andrew Parsneau also performs a fine job the way the author performed in the first or opening chapter of the Apocalypse. The series is a real magnet for the new generation who likes to get into stuff attached to artificial reality.

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