Valley of Dreams

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Sarah M. Eden in every part of the series has presented Hope Springs as a symbol of hope but this hope changes shape the moment the main characters enter the domain of the state. It is not easy to get what one desires or needs in life, struggle is a must and most of time there is a sacrifice required. Such sacrifices are hard to give because after a sacrifice most of the time the achievement looks so small.

Patrick O’ Conner after living many years away from his family decides at the start of this novel to return back. But returning to the home town is not easy when you have been lying about certain things to your own family. Second one who is coming back to the town is Eliza Porter who after facing a lot of sufferings in New York wanted a way out of all that. Poverty was not the only thing Eliza was dealing with in New York she was all over the place emotionally as well. Nancy Peterson has put some extra effort on narrating Eliza because she plays a real important role in the novel.

In Longing for Home and Love Remains the real story started after the main characters entered Hope Springs but in this book the story starts revealing itself before entering the domain of the Hope city. Eliza and Patrick meet each other and stick together because of the need and that need creates a ray of hope in their hearts. With hopes in their hearts they encourage each other to face the bitter realities of life from which they have been hiding all their life.

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