Valley of Silence

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Valley of Silence is the 3rd and final chapter of the Circle Trilogy. It is masterfully written by Nora Roberts, whose name in literary world literally needs to formal introduction, as she has done a lot in this field. This time, the chapter and the entire Circle Trilogy is based on romantic fantasy. Dick Hill, just like the other two chapters of this trilogy has given a powerful narration once again.

The Valley of Silence this time is a forbidding place for having the battle of all the battles, but the circle this time again continues to prepare well through the magic. The preparations also goes through some early stakeouts, which would test their individual strength and also as in the form of a team.

Moira discovers herself in the royals of royal and warrior just as she follows in the traditional footsteps of her own people. Also at the same time, Moira prepares for taking on the crown, before getting a chance to lead all of them in a battle. And if all this isn’t enough then Moira discovers her thoughts turning to Cian, more frequently than not.

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So what an intelligent and a chaste young woman had to do, when she is given less than a month with the person she utterly loves, but that person is not a human, but actually a vampire? And, how would all the people of the Geall come to terms with a blood-thirsty army of vampires?

Nora Roberts has written many successful novels, which are mostly fiction and you will also see a collage of romance and suspense in many of them. A couple of her popular novels to recommend book lovers are: Dark Witch and Shadow Spell.



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