Vampire Mountain

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Many people noticed a change in Darren’s character in the third part and here in the fourth part the author Darren Shan discusses openly. The author portrayed before us in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant and Tunnels of Blood a boy who was slightly trying to run away from the assistant’s job. But at the end of the third part, he looked professional and responsible in his attitude and he has kept it in this part of the saga as well. He wants to be with the new friends that he has found after leaving Steve in the world of humans.

Destiny calls again for Darren and Mr. Crepsley takes him along for the mission of a lifetime. Although he never wanted to part from his friends the mission needs him once more. Darren has seen vampires but not pure ones i.e the ones who are born this way. Well, his wish comes true when he heads for Vampire Mountain and meets the Vampire Princess too.

The Vampire Princess possesses the power to reverse the curse that has been put on Darren, thus he can become a human again. But there are problems and complications i.e the princess does not want to reverse the curse and perhaps Darren is also not in a mode. For the boy, there seems to be more potential in the world of vampires as he thinks that he is more needed here as compared to the human world. It’s the rise of a demon from the world of flesh that Ralph Lister continues to narrate in the same old fancy and famous voice of his.

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