Vendetta in Death

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J.D. Robb continues with dramatic thriller in high passion as we come to book forty nine of the series, a series that has made us witness to so many extraordinary and terrorizing crime scenes. The narration by Susan Ericksen too mingles well with each part of the novel though the themes and the situations are always different.

Eve is in chase of Lady Justice this time, a woman who thinks that she is enough for the whole sinister society. She stocks her prey and then kills without mercy. Though her targets are always the corrupt people but she is not the law of the town which means that she too is a criminal on the loose.

In novels like Naked in Death and Witness in Death, Eve has always been seen chasing criminals and psychopaths who are slaughtering the innocent at a massive scale. This time the woman she is after is doing things which perhaps Eve herself always wanted to do.

The Lady Justice makes her appearance seductive and appealing which allows her to go close to her targets after which she is able to hunt on her own will. The first crime scene is the death of Nigel McEnroy a rich business man who was known for his naughtiness in the staff.

His company was always paying for the sins he is committing every now and then. This time he has become a prey of the lady who knew everything about his crimes, thus his dead body is found the next day in a precarious state.

Eve and her husband find themselves short of clues once again as the only victim and McEnroy’s wife denies helping couple in any way. It’s once again a race against time as they must stop the criminal before the commission of the second crime resulting in the death of another billionaire.



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