Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf

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This chapter of the Companions Codex sums up the trilogy of this new series but still at the end of the book we see several things and issues left incomplete or open ended which make clear the intentions of R.A .Salvatore.  The war comes to the forgotten realms and this is not just an ordinary, it is a war that could possibly prove to be the final war that might end the epic along with the heroes.

The companions of the hall try to combine forces as they are left with no other way. They joined hands once in The Companions and proved successful in almost all the battles that they fought and now they are again need each other to fight for what is right.

Even the sky and the climate all around show no signs of relaxation of any sort. It’s cloudy and dark all the way giving the war scenario a much gloomy look. And the clouds are not there for one or two days it has been over the realms for months as the Sundering has given way to it. The sun of hope and the sunny weather are nowhere to be seen. The treaty too is broken thus it is a chaos all over and every type of trouble has befallen on the land as it appears that the judgment day is near for everyone.

The ancient realms of the North hold the key to all the things and whoever get a hold of these realms will succeed in getting an upper hand in the battle and the days to come in the near future. Victor Bevine is now like a brand ambassador as he narrates another part of this brilliant saga in the supreme tone.




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