Vicious Circle

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Vicious Circle is the 17th book in the Joe Pickett novel series. It is a book on crime fiction and the mystery-thriller genre. The author of this sensational chapter is C. J. Box. If you like mystery thrillers or crime fiction then no author in the USA is better than Box. You will find Nowhere to Run as one of the best books by Box. The same could be said about his Force of Nature novel as well.

David Chandler beautifully handled the narration of this book and deserves all the credit for making it a fun listen for the audience.

There was a plane seen circling in the dark. Joe Pickett on the ground could only make out its figure in the timber and snow all around. Then he saw three other figures that were closing in. There was hardly anything that he could do about that. Joe knew it very well that he could be a possible target there.

The family of Dallas Cates had been a bad lot always. Joe was able to make a fierce blow against them when the life of April, his daughter was in danger. But he had always wondered if there would ever be a day of reckoning. He was not wondering about that any longer. He could sense that they were coming after him and also his family. Nate, his friend as always was by his side. But, will that be enough support for him in the matter? All he could do there was to prepare himself and then wait for them to make their move.

Vicious Circle is a very important and enjoyable chapter in Joe Pickett’s novel series and you must try this one in audio.

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