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The book although talks about war most of the time but the war is not always there, it is the threat that loams on the heads of the species that is under a threat of extinction. Fighting against extinction is perhaps the toughest thing a species can deal with and human race is fighting all this for almost a decade now.

Many times they have lost hope but then it returns in the form of Connor and other people who are with him solely and wholly. He is like a messiah emerging on the scene with only one problem that he is still struggling to save the people under his shelter. He has started using the alien technology that he discovered on the newly inhabited planet.

The technological support that they brought from the earth has stopped working months ago. It has been six months since Connor made an important discovery in Emergence that the planet was inhabited by an alien race before them. Now after the discovery of a portal Connor receives a distress signal as well supposedly from the alien race. Helping an unknown species is not a wise idea but now they are without options and this is the option they must take in order to form an ally.

Ken Lozito is loading more and more things in the series and by the look of it many think that it is time to wind up the story after mixing everything that the author has woven around. Narration is still cool and it is clear that the series will end in the voice of the one and only Scott Aiello.

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