Violence Begets…

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P.T. Denys likes writing for the adult audience so the novels are often not for the young people at all. The young boys and girls cannot digest the sort of language which is frequently used in this kind of novels. Abusive words and a harsh tone is at work all the time but it cannot be called incorrect because the stories are actually designed in such a way that such kind of material becomes an essential item. Sixteen year old Rick in this novel enters his high school in precarious circumstances as nothing in his house is normal anymore.

The entire family faced a terrible situation in the past which has just snatched their smile from them. In his high school at Utah, Rick plans to stay low so that no one can come close to him. In his isolated situation he decides that he will not make any close friends anymore. However when he sees Kevin, there is a different kind of feeling that is aroused in him.

Kevin’s presence starts giving Rick a strange kind of pleasure which is unexplainable. Kevin is the boy with a lot of secrets so being with him could also means that you are looking for trouble. Bryant Sullivan narrates with tremendous intensity how Kevin starts ruling the gay club. Several truths about Kevin get revealed but Rick gets so frustrated from his domestic life that he decides to go with the flow.

The Vampire’s Heart and Hate at First Sight possessed typical love stories but this one is different because it is focusing on a gay culture. The attitude of Rick’s father plays a vital role in this novel because it is that attitude that makes Rick go the other way.

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