Void Horizon

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Void Horizon: Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 4

Void Horizon is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the fourth installment in the Ruins of the Galaxy novel series. It is the fourth book in the Ruins of the Galaxy novel series. This is written by Christopher Hopper and J. N. Chaney. They both have done a tremendous job with the writing of their science fiction novels. If you want such novels then you can go with the Gods and Men novel. Another promising novel from these authors is Wrath of the Reaper.

The narration of Void Horizon novel is done by R. C. Bray. You will enjoy his voice which made the characters so much fun and exciting.

After the first victory against the Repub Marines unit, Lt. Magnus found his gladias struggling because of the Talons squadron. He found out that many of their prisoners might have the critical answers to pin down the enemy. Therefore, Magnus must look to restrict at nothing for ensuring the safety of his team and also to interrogate the combatants of the enemy.

Once they were on their new starship then Magnus was not ready at all for the intel he got. The enemy was getting stronger and their claws had their way to his team. Moreover, Magnus was pushed hard all across the void horizon, and in that situation, he must look to find the Elder of Luma who was Willowood. But, that would not be an easy task.

If you have been keenly following the subject series then you will still take a little while to re-orientate yourself with the characters. After that, it will be a joyous literary ride.

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