Vulkan Lives

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Lies, cheating, fights and high drama “The Horus Heresy” series has provided the fans with all sorts of spices and surprises. Every mission is linked with the previous portions and then it is somehow mysteriously separate from the rest. Nick Kyme the author brings Vulkan out of the grave for the 26th part of this very long series. At some places the series possesses the strength to surpass series like star wars very easily. Isstvan V gets a crucial hit by the enemy and all the people think that the attack has finally got rid of Vulkan.

After a hard search nothing is found, not even the dead body and all over it is announced that Vulkan is no more. But soon in the coming chapters the author gives us the information that the man is still lives and he is in such a bad state that he wants to die. The one who has arrested him does not want him to die so soon because he wants to enjoy Vulkan’s every cry. Not only physically but also psychologically the warrior is teased by his own brother who wants to rip the flesh from his body.

Much like Deathfire the story receives a change in the form of a revelation; this change however is a lot bigger because it could affect the whole war zone within no time. Saul Reichlin’s voice is new to the series but not for the fictional world. The narrator starts the tale with a solid grip and then does not let the story slip out of the vocal chords. After a while the series is given such a story that will impact heavily on the coming parts in which the revelation will act strongly.

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