Wall of Silence

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Secrets can be hidden but not forever it’s not that they have a tendency to leak but most of the time revealing them seems to be the right idea. But revelation in case such as this one that Melissa Byatt faces can really bring disaster and like a flood can take away everything away from you. In her cool and quite life Melissa never expected a tragedy because she was blessed with such a loving family.

A good job was a further icing on the cake and then it was all gone in a moment of horror. She was out for a while or so and on her return home she found her husband dead, the man she loved so much was breathless in front of her. Who could have done such an act was the question ringing in her mind when she suddenly noticed that her children were not crying or yelling even when she entered.

The children were just there around the dead body and no the obvious thing i.e that they know what has happened and perhaps one of them is the killer. Melissa knows that she can investigate but this will make her lose another member of her family and of course she cannot afford this. Tracy Buchanan the mystery machine that created My Sister’s Secret and Before I Say Goodbye brings forward the most horrifying story ever.

Moira Quirk even falls short in a few places in narrating this twisty and tricky story which has emotions, action and a chilling thrill. Love of a mother is tested to the maximum and even though she is sure that her children are the culprits she tries to save them with every possible mean.

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