War of the Wolf

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It is the making of England of which Bernard Cornwell talk about at length and highlights aspects unknown to the historians thus most of it is the creation of his imagination. The blend with history is so accurate that the listener or reader cannot tell the difference between the real and the fictional stuff. Some of the wars and the names even are derived from historical figures in order to strengthen the link of the story with history.

The war goes on as the unlikely hero continue to evolve more and more as the one who can unite the people of England with the Vikings. Uhtred has served both the parties successfully and commanded their armies as well and one can think at this stage that he can bridge the whole thing and can provide the final solution.

The war still is a non ending sort we saw peace time in The Flame Bearer and Warriors of the Storm but it never lasted long enough for the nations to prosper. Uhtred has regained the fort that was his dream but still does not enjoy peace because the old and the new enemy combine to make him pay because of his dreams. At this point Uhtred even starts thinking that his life is cursed and he cannot run away from a fight. Thus he prepares himself for a fight against both of his enemies at the same time.

Matt Bates’ voice takes the series slowly and steadily towards the ending and creation of England that would remain forever on the face of history. An astounding thing about Bernard’s work is that he has not yet painted anyone who is losing his power or strength which means that the battle will be fought on a great magnitude.




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