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The story which appears to be a science fiction has several myths hidden in it which unfolds one after the other making the whole thing interesting up to the very end. The revelation of the myths not only makes the story much appealing but also gives the science fiction version a new dimension.

Brandon Sanderson proves his true potential in this novel and has become successful in experimenting with modern novels. There is magic too which is rare in the world of science and technology. The story is about gods and goddesses their life, their duties, and they’re marrying a suitable match. The two sisters who are basically princesses are for the god to choose one of them as his future wife.

The story also reveals the nature of the gods as well who too are most of the time hungry for power and are always trying to gain supremacy over the rest by confining themselves to a Pantheon in Hallandren’s most decorated city. Every god wants to achieve the power of the BioChromatic magic which is not easily available for the taking as it needs step by step development by taking or extracting a single needed unit at a time.

There are miracles and magic tricks that can be seen in everyday objects and that can result in helping to accomplish the impossible in the end. The challenges that are thrown in front of the challengers are not that easy as they have to face the God-king, the god of bravery, Siri, and finally the Warbreaker which is the most difficult task of all. Alyssa Bresnahan’s narration gives grandeur to the novel that was a much-needed item.

The Way of Kings, Oathbringer, and The Final Empire are also great books to listen to after this one as you will get more thrilling stories in these books are well.


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