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Winston Graham portrays characters that we have never seen before as they are one of a kind in all respects. The characters show their unique ability to perform well under pressurized situations and also the rivalry that they have for the foe is of an extreme nature that cannot be felt in ordinary characters that we usually see in the novels. The story has plots that work on different lines and in the end merge well with the main plot making the story a compact single unit.

The era is well defined and the setting of the scenes also gives us a proper introduction of the fashions of that century. The tones are well uttered by Oliver J. Hembrough who has acted well as the narrator of the novel.

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The story starts well when we are told that Ross Poldark is ready to risk everything that he and his family has and thus the risk could end up in bankruptcy for the whole family, still Ross does not back down which shows his stubborn nature.

Then the introduction of a lady named Elizabeth Warleggan makes the situation tough for him as she was the one with whom he was so much attached once, Ross’ wife Demelza also possesses an affair of her own with a Scottish which makes the whole thing quite tough for Ross to handle as no one can get hold of so much loose ends at the same time.

The character of Ross and his wife Demelza can be further understood by reading to books like Ross Poldark and Demelza. The story has no violence on a large scale but the dramatization of enmity is excellent. The hatred and love that develops among the characters is just wonderful. 




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