Warlock Wanted

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Sean Stone presents the second part of his thriller with a bang after Warlock for Hire: Arcane Inc., Book 1 – Sean Stone. The story has the spice of action and an element of fantasy in it throughout. Eddie Lancaster the man with the solution to all the problems and a skilled person when it comes to the art of hiding something or doing any task in secret way.

Eddie is a killer and also an investigator at the crime scene where people had been disappearing at a rapid pace without any clue. More to her stressed life there is a woman from her past who wants him badly; she wants to take him with her no matter what. She too is a killing machine if her desire is not fulfilled.

Eddie killed Killian Myers a person whom he disliked or the court of his heart gave Myers the death sentence that’s why he murdered him, he never left a clue but inspector Richards famous for such cases is after him.

The Mote Park issue with supernatural powers behind everything also forces Eddie to use his full skill and talent in order to stop the kidnapping of the local people so that their lives can be saved. Thus the story is about a struggle of a man who is surrounded by enemies on all side with no way out from any of the problem as all of them are dead serious and haunting him from all sides.

He has to save himself and also his friends at all cost because his friends are the only relation he has left in his stranded life, otherwise he only possesses the choice of the devilish girl that wants him badly. Hannibal Hills’ narration enhances the flavor of your trip in the wonderland of Sean Stone.  



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