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Warmage is a period movie written by a fantastic and a much-loved author of all times, Terry Mancour. This book is part 2 of the sequel to his earlier successful book, Spellmonger. The Warmage book is beautifully narrated by John Lee with his spiritual, husky and an emotional voice that gives good life to the characters of this story.

Starting from the prequel, Spellmonger, the goblin invasion is still on and the work of wizard has never come to an end. Minalan, the Spellmonger was expected that he would be able to rest after facing an implacable foe, impossible escape, and a hopeless siege. But that never happened.

The armies of Shereul, known to his victims as a dead god, started rolling over the Duchy Alshar and subsequently directed towards center of Duchy of Castal.

Minalan and his associated outlaw friends were the only people who ever cared about the invasion. But things weren’t that easy or simple. Minalan have to deal with the Shadowmage assassin, who is on the payroll of a mysterious spymaster.

Minalan could opt out and allow his Dukes to handle different situations, but actually his conscience comes sin between and won’t let him quit.

Castles, wars, emperor and their issues is a thing that inspires you the most, then you must check out some more stuff from the author, Terry Mancour. The author has shown some great piece of work in Spellmonger and Hawkmaiden, where the listener could actually picture the visuals depicted in the drama with such powerful and relatable voice given by the narrators of these mentioned books.


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