Warrior of the Light

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Everyone wants to become a hero but being one is not easy at all. A hard toil is needed for this purpose and not everyone is strong enough to bear the hardships. Paulo Coelho has written about some dramatic characters in his books. The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes showed how determination can change everything for us within a short period of time. If a person wants to become a warrior then he should face failures like a man because running away from them is not the right way.

After accepting failures, a person is able to move towards a successful life. Then the miracles will happen and the day will come when you would be able to dominate like a true warrior. In “The Alchemist” we also observed a person who wanted something in his life and for that purpose, he started a quest. Though he achieved everything after long time happiness came to him in one way or the other.

Every word of the book is inspiring and it gives us food for thought. We are all heroes if we are thinking in the right direction and not allowing our focus to slip or drift in a different direction. Greg Wagland has not given a warrior like voice during the narration of this book because it is not teaching us aggression.

The book has some long themes it which can only be understood if the listener shows patience and tries to give more time to it. A warrior is not the one who is fighting or taking part in big battles all the time rather a warrior is the one who can show perseverance.

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