Warriors of the Storm

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Bernard Cornwell can be considered one of the icons in writing history after this series in which we find everything with an enthusiasm attached to it that makes it less boring. We enjoy the continuity in the series and the author is never seen in haste to conclude the whole thing each character and each war has a proper ending. Nothing is left incomplete and there is much unity in the collection of events.


It is good to notice that the series now has a permanent narrator in the form of Matt Bates who narrated The Empty Throne and The Pagan Lord in an appreciable manner. Peace is everywhere in the novel as Wessex, East Anglia and Mercia have not been attacked for quite a while now and the heirs of King Alfred finally get the chance to enjoy their rule. Still many think that it will not continue for a long time because the invaders from the north are loaming on the borders and they really mean business this time.

The invaders try to surround the walls of Mercia that is under the control of Uhtred, a warrior that has been protecting the kingdom for decades now. The king and his sister even don’t trust Uhtred this time because the warrior’s own daughter is married to Ivarson’s brother the one who wants to breach into the cities of England.

For the warrior it is time to choose between duty and relations because things appear to go messy at every step and neither of the parties are ready to go on the back foot now. The fate of unified England again faces a threat and a single warrior holds the key to everything.





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    The Empty Throne

    The Flame Bearer


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