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After writing a long and beautiful series about military fiction Joshua Dalzelle starts a new trilogy with the same theme. This time the earth is not in its primitive stage and the human race is quite advanced now. The twenty fifth century proves to be the century of space exploration for the human race. The human race has become so advanced that it possesses the ability to travel in space with the speed of light. They have inhabited other planets too and hundreds of planets now come under the jurisdiction of the humans.

The space proves to be so huge in size that now the issue of war for the piece of land is not needed anymore. Whoever wants some or wants a dominion of his or her own he just explores into outer space and finds for himself a planet or place of his own.

The army thus is non- existent until the day the earth and the human race finally come face to face with a new enemy. The enemy invades so quickly that the human race is left with no solution except to surrender but it does not seem to be a suitable solution.

The weapons that the people of the earth once possessed are now worn out and the hopes rely on one single ship that possesses the ability to show the enemy what human beings are really made of. A little similar to Redemption and Secret of the Phoenix but still the characters are totally different. The narrator is a bit new but still Mark Boyett proves himself the right person for the space adventure. No pauses are observed and it’s a smooth narration till the end.

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