Washington-A Life

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Washington is a biography on the life of George Washington. It is written by Ron Chernow, who is a fine author in producing some really inspiring memoirs and biographies. The narration of this book is done by the renowned narrator, Scott Brick, which is one of the strongest highlights of this chapter.

Washington is considered rightly as the father of the American nation. He was an iconic man with exceptional self-control. He was usually up for more respect than showing any affection in return. The author, Ron Chernow in this book dashes over all the stereotype images of an unemotional and a stolid man.

Washington was a 6-feet tall guy and was known as a highly celebrated horseman, a tireless hunter and an elegant dancer as well. He was living a highly ferociously protected emotional life. He was a man known for many moods and some fiery opinions as well. The author also penetrated in his private life and explored his uptight relationship with his own brittle mother, his love for the married S. Fairfax and also his conflicted emotions towards his children and grandchildren as well. The audience will also get to see an extremely detailed account of his marriage with Martha and also about his weird behavior as a slave master.

Washington managed to gather the most influential figures of his tome and in shaping up the new federal government.

The author, Ron Chernow has penned a good number of other biographies and memoirs based on the life and struggle of many popular personalities and political figures from the past. A couple of biographies written by Ron Chernow, which you could consider in their audiobook format are: Grant and Alexander Hamilton.

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