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Lisa Regan never disappoints with her Josie Quinn releases. I love this entire series. With that being said, I totally agree with all the reviews about the narration complaints of mispronunciations. Who in the world hasn’t repeatedly heard the words “femoral” and “rifling”???? They aren’t rare words and there’s absolutely no excuse for mispronouncing either one. Kate Handford is otherwise a very good narrator. If she hasn’t read the reviews on this book…she needs to immediately so that the mistake is never repeated.

Regardless, I still highly recommend this entire series! I highly recommend starting with Book 1 because Lisa Regan is a master at developing characters from book to book. You don’t want to miss anything!

I like Lisa Regan and like this story. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll like this book. Good characters continue and we learn more about one.

My one issue, and it’s a pet peeve of mine, is the word mispronunciation. The first time the narrator said femoral, I cringed. She pronounced it fem-OR-al instead of FEM-er-al (latter is correct). I thought, despite my cringe, maybe her pronunciation was acceptable, acceptable pronunciations do change over time.

Or perhaps that’s the way the British pronounce it. I checked in several dictionaries, American English & British and nope, accent is on the first syllable in all I checked. If it was just said once or twice, I probably wouldn’t have brought it up. But, this is a word used frequently in this story, as a cut to the femoral artery is the killer’s MO. It drove me nuts. Don’t folks listen to these recordings before they’re put out? It’s so annoying when it takes the listener out of the story.

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