Watch Me Disappear

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If anyone says that he has listened to Pretty Things and All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and found them appealing then his definition of the word “appeal” is about to be changed. Only Janelle Brown could have written something real as this one, there are chapters in which the author tells us about visions but those visions are also so true in appearance. Billie Flanagan a normal average housewife never had anything unusual about her and like the ordinary women of her age she loved her family.

Her husband showed affection to her and her daughter had always remained her sweet heart. One day she just left the house for hiking and then never returned home after that. All the family found were her shoes and no trail was left on the spot, the father and daughter assumed that Billie was now dead and they had to live their life without her.

Jonathan soon got over his mental state and started his routine work but Olive totally changed her behavior after her mother’s disappearance. She starts having visions and thinks that her mother is still alive, at first it looks strange to her father but later he too finds some suspicious things related to his wife. The two start the journey not only to find Billie but also the truth about the woman they spent their life with.

For Jonathan it seems that he had been living a life with a complete stranger because he did not know anything about his wife’s secrets. Kaleo Griffith and Tavia Gilbert have worked together in the past and the book needed two narrators because the conversation between the father and daughter would have been confusing otherwise.

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