We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

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We are Legion is a face-paced but very interesting story. The story centers on Bob, a brilliant software engineer who was killed by a car. Before his death, one of his wishes was that his brain is frozen. Several decades later when he was revived, he discovered his mind is now controlled by a religious fanatic known as FAITH.

His mind became the AI of Galaxy space probe on a new home for planet inhabitants. Bob then multiplies himself to spread evenly across the universe.

However, Bob and his crew are not the only people interested in the discovery of a new planet. There are other groups with the same goals too. This is where conflicts of interest began. The other groups are even dangerously poised to achieve their goal at whatever cost.

Bob and his crew are on the line and the other groups are willing to take them out of the picture if that’s their only chance to succeed.

The story is an interesting an intriguing one. Any love of science fiction will love the character development in this book.

Dennis Taylor did an outstanding job by delivering a new perfect story with an interesting storyline. Just like the author’s other books, this one is equally captivating.  The narrator, Ray Porter, also did a wonderful job by matching the characters perfectly with the storytelling.

Although the audiobook is almost 10 hours long, the suspense-filled plot in the book makes it look shorter to complete.

At first, the book may sound uninteresting. But after a few pages, it becomes more interesting and engrossing.  Any lover of science fiction will love exactly how the characters grew gradually into the book as the storyline unfolds.   It is surely an intriguing and interesting audiobook.

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