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US Special Forces in Vietnam

This book is another one related to the secret missions of the U.S army in Vietnam during the war. Nick Brokhausen an ex army officer tells his tale when he went to Vietnam for the second time in the year 1970 with a group which in appearance was a group related to studies, research and observation but in reality the group has skilled army officers of American army that performed the given tasks in the country.

The book also attaches us with history as the writer tells about every mission in great detail along with the correct dates and places which can be matched with the history books. Nick tells us how he and his troop worked secretly in Cambodia and Laos, in the areas where the enemy possessed a strong hold and more than this the complete troop always came out alive from the mission with almost zero casualties on their side.

The band not only accomplished its goals in the center of the country but it performed excellently in the jungles and highlands as well where survival was the toughest thing for an ordinary officer. But as they were skilled in gorilla war tactics as well, they were perfect for the job.

The narration of this biographical book by George Spelvin keeps the strong impact of the book in our minds and the rise and fall in the voice during the fight scenes and the whispering tone in the scenes when the troop is under cover is fabulous.

The book also tells a lot about the life of a gorilla band and its officers who are always under the threat of death and the situations are never easy for them at all, they got to fulfill their tasks at any cost as it is the only way out of a situation for them.  



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