What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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The title is just perfect for the St. Mary’s team that has gone through situations and missions that cannot be imagined by an ordinary man. The historian going through history not with the help of books but by going through the situations themselves is really an amazing experience.

Each time they enter into another timeline they face enemies never heard or expected before. Then there is also a constant enemy who can sacrifice the whole future for his dark desires. Jodi Taylor provides Max a new husband and a new job here and everything that has happened in the past is now forgotten.

There is no worry until the day Max takes new recruits and lands herself in the era where the meet the Joan of Arc. An epic era with fights and of course the plague situation makes the scenario much worse. The scenes get complex like Roman Holiday and A Trail Through Time and suddenly from Joan of Arc the team of new hires witness the Stone Age. It is action everywhere and new faces and new experience for Max in her house and in the department too. Get ready for your head to go round and round between the timelines, luckily they don’t alter anything in the past which means that we would not be witnessing too much of a change in the present.

Zara Ramm plays another gem of a role in the narration and the narrator is also rising in more and more fame and has been in the hints for a long while. There is less simplicity in words noted in this part, tough phrases but it is interesting not very complex of course.

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