What Lies Beyond

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There are many series by different authors that lost the worth completely after the third part, the authors mostly try to exaggerate more than needed. Sometime the plot even appears to be shaking but not in this series. Each part is a masterpiece and has a story that has a separate identity but at the same time connected with the last one too. War is present in plenty but it does not mean that the story has nothing but war; there are sentiments, emotional scenes and friendship that go on for a lifetime.

White Lich was catastrophic news in all direction in The Light of Life and The Spear of Stars. Now it has become successful in occupying three of the strongest states on the land. After the downfall of the third state it would be an easy run for the Lich to take over the whole world. Taking over the whole world was the purpose of the Lich but what next is the thing that gives a scary feeling to people.

Edward W. Robertson painted the concept of the Spear of Stars in the fourth part and the search is on till the current day. Most of the people think that it is just a myth and no such thing exists like it now but they myth is the only solution for Dante and Blays now.

The legend says that the spear was divided into nine parts by the gods and was hidden by the gods. Finding those parts is not easy but then fighting is not an option left for them. Tim Gerard Reynolds’ way of storytelling is to perfection; the narrator provides energy and creates the affection of the fans with the series alive at each level.

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