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After a successful second and third episode Janette Oke comes to this fourth part of the series that is making the fans go wild in most parts of the world. When Comes the Spring and When Breaks the Dawn were just the starters that launched the troubled life of Wynn and Elizabeth. With love and passion in their hearts the two take the next step in life with full determination and confidence. Janette Oke has not written much of the love life but in their talk we can understand the feelings that the two have for one another.  At the previous post they developed some new connections with the locals and finally the things were becoming smooth for them.

Establishing of the new school was like a milestone achieved for them but now this next posting is further into the wild world. People of this specific region happen to be less friendly because they have some bad experience with the outside world.

Elizabeth here is treated as an alien so she doesn’t get the welcome that she was expecting or has been getting in the previous posts. For Wynn too work has not been easy and the experiences of the couple are surely making their personal life messy. Wynn and Elizabeth old enough to understand all of this try to calm themselves down but they know life ahead would not be like a rose garden. Nancy Peterson is doing a great job and surely it has been the narration that is conveying the correct modes of Elizabeth and Wynn to the listeners. We know when the two are tired after a toil that usually bears no fruit to them and also the tension building between the two because of the circumstances, everything becomes clear because of the narration.

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