When I Was You

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Minka Kent is all about suspense and mystery which the author can paint in the best possible way. Unmissing and The Memory Watcher brought so much drama to the scene which no one believed could appear at the end of a story. Minka alone can produce such a magic which can scare us when we are not ready for it psychologically. A simple story at the start becomes a suspense story towards the middle and the horror is crafted at the end.

Erin deWard and Will Damron have provided voice to the main characters here. A simple woman named Brienne faces a terrible attack during which she survives and she thinks that she has been lucky the first time. So avoiding another attack like that in the future, she decides to remain indoor most of the time.

During her stay in her house, she begins to lose connection with the outside world also she thinks that she is suffering from a memory loss as well. On one occasion she comes to know that there is another girl just like her who is living her life in her absence. The girl has the same face and she has the same car as well. During Brienne’s absence, that mysterious girl has taken over everything that once belonged to Brienne. That mystery girl has even established connection with Brienne’s family.

Brienne realizes that if things go on like this then she would disappear from the face of the world very quickly. So she has to fight in order to take back her life and identity. First she must confront her duplicate so that she can know the truth.

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