Where the Wild Things Bite

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Molly Harper doesn’t leave any opportunity to surprise us. She always comes up with quality fictional content, which is always very engaging and refreshing. Despite producing a range of novels, she has never compromised over quality and in every novel, you will find her better than before. You will find her at her best of literary writing abilities in A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses and Changeling novels.

In Where the Wild Things Bite, you will witness an elegant and absorbing performance of Amanda Ronconi. Amanda is a phenomenal narrator, who has shown her best narration abilities in a plethora of other novels. In Where the Wild Things Bite, her performance was equally good with best expression and powerful tonal quality.

This one is another paranormal romance novel by Molly Harper, which is a chapter out of the Half-Moon Hollow novel series. In this novel, you will witness a very rare book expert, who is delivering some package to the Half-Moon Hollow. At the time, when all her plans backfires then a very handsome and sexy vampire comes for the rescue. The vampire has definitely got some ulterior motives. But, is the vampire looking to date her or he is looking to devour her?

Delivering some sort of a rare book to a highly valued client is for sure a part of the job description of good mannered Anna Whitfield. But, do you know what isn’t? It is defending her from the precious cargo from any theft in the flight by the pilot who is taking her to the Half-Moon Hollow. Jane Jameson, the undead owner of the bookstore might need to wait for a long time to get her book, maybe forever.

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