Where Winter Finds You

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R. Ward is a kind of a writer who is known for his vast imagination and his ability to create larger than life characters. This novel, Where Winter Finds You is a true depiction of that. It is another short and beautiful novel in The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, which will give you a pleasant and joyful literary time. J. R. Ward has his name good enough to endorse the quality of any novel. If you want to have a sneak peek in some of his other notable works then Prisoner of Night and The Sinner can be a good place to start.

The novel is a paranormal romantic novel with a brilliant tale. The narration is done by Jim Frangione, which were absolutely amazing and worth listening with all the emotion in voice that he has got to offer. Unlike the other short novel in this series, specifically the Prisoner of Night, this one has got a glimpse deep into the member of Brotherhood. Here you will find the story of Trez, who had lost his beloved in a tragic death. His soul was completely crushed and the destiny looked to be in the hands of suffering only.

However, when he met a highly mysterious female, things started to change quite quickly. Trez was completely convinced that his true love has finally been reincarnated. But, is it just a guess or is he absolutely right about it? There is also a possibility here that his grief might have just created a delusion for him. But, still, nothing is sure about the fact here. Read or listen it to find the truth behind the matter.

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