Whiskey Beach

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Nora Roberts standalone novels are marvelous where you get to the end of a gripping story in a legitimate amount of time. Whiskey Beach is another such novel from the writer that promises hours of entertainment for you. Luke Daniels has done the narration of this novel in his powerful and expressive voice.

For as many as 300 years, the Bluff House has been a place above the Whiskey Beach, while securely guarding its shores. Moreover and most importantly, guarding its top secrets as well for all these years. But, it is home for Eli Landon.

Eli, a lawyer from Boston has weathered a highly intense last year in public scrutiny and also with the police after she was accused for a crime, but never got arrested. The crime charge was the murder of his future wife.

He was able to find sanctuary in the Bluff House, even though his dear grandmother is recovering from a terrible fall in Boston. Abra Walsh is always there for the help. The resident housekeeper, jewelry maker, yoga instructor and the massage therapist at the Whiskey House was Abra. She is a multi-talented woman and used to help Eli as well in taking control of his shaking life and clearing his name from the criminal charges against him.

But, as soon as they got much closer with each other, they found themselves caught in a horrible net, which stretches many centuries back. Things started to get horrible for them and unbelievable too.

Dark Witch and Shadow Spell novels are also written by Nora Roberts, which were highly appreciated and helped her go up the ranks in her fantastic literary writing career.




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