Whiskey Ginger

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Shayne Silvers, Cameron O’Connell have created a new world of monsters and black magic that haunt Quinn constantly or she sticks her nose in every such affair not because of her interest but because of her desperate need to find something that is considered to be unapproachable.

Just like in the book Angel’s Roar (Feathers and Fire #4) – Shayne Silvers and Horseman (The Temple Chronicles #10) – Shayne Silvers this story also revolves around an amazing character. She steals artifacts related to black magic and delivers them to the people who want or need it. She does all this just for favors and nothing else. Money is not something that she needs she wants clues for the land of the Fake in which she could find her father whom she lost in a mishap.

She is also the one whom people call the girl with extraordinary qualities as she is not affected by black magic or other such powers. The artifacts and the dealers do not impress her as they are of no use for her. She performs all the tasks for the achievement of her own goal of life, but her life drastically changes when she steals from the Nate temple and increases the number of enemies she already had.

The Nate Temple unleashes the monsters on her that she had never expected in her life and which are even tough for her to handle. The story can be termed as a thriller with paranormal activities to the maximum that make it more appealing to the eye.

Amanda Leigh Cobb is the most suitable choice that is made in the narration department, as the narration needed the skill to tackle the character that drinks, fights and steals as well and still remains unsatisfied with life. It’s a nice start to the series and the world surely will give birth to new tales in the future.




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