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A common woman with an unconquerable zeal is what Maisey Addington really is in her life. Kerry Anne King portrays a woman who was dealing with a lot of personal issues in her life when she is all of a sudden given the burden of the family issues as well. Maisey living a single life against the will of her mother who always wanted to see her living a pleasant placid life.

The only aim that Maisey is left with in life is to get the possession of her little daughter who is twelve years of age and is living with her father of the divorce of the parents. The tragedy of Maisey’s mother’s illness takes her back to her home, the place that she had left years ago and on her return she finds her mother in comma and her father facing severe legal charges of abuse that could affect her case of her daughter’s possession as well.

The zealous Maisey tries to solve the family issues but the more she digs deep the more pinching the whole stuff becomes for her as one dark secret after another is revealed to her that her parents have been hiding from her since her birth. The most terrible one however seem to be the fact that she had a twin sister of which she was never told.

Kerry has created a wonderful female character in the form of Maisey who faces everything with a brave heart and never thinks of running away from an obstacle.   I Wish You Happy and Closer Home are two other novels that can be read along with this one if someone wants to learn more about the works of the writer and the theme the author usually chooses. The characters are often more appealing in comparison to the tale. Teri Clark Linden has done the narrator’s job this time and has tackled well with it.



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