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A beautiful story about sisterhood emerges to the scene as Chandler Baker highlights the most significant thing related to working woman now a day. The story starts with the introduction of four friends Sloane, Ardie, Grace, and Rosalita who work in the same company that is run by Truviv, the CEO of the company. However, the story takes a dramatic twist when the CEO dies all of a sudden and the new boss is in the office.

Ames, the new boss is a controversial type of personality the one who is a bit strange when it comes to his relationship with the female members of the staff. Each of the four friends has a different relationship with Ames and thus has different views about the man whom they have to oblige at any cost. The issues have been old but at that time Ames was protected by the authority and the issues were usually buried in the four walls of the office so that the reputation of the company is not sacrificed.

The time has changed and now and one wrong move of the CEO is noticed by the ladies in the office and they are not willing to let it go this time as they know that if they help in burying the incident they would be the next prey of this lusty boss so bound in the bond of sisterhood they finally stand against this torment. The book also reminds of another book of the same writer This Is Not the End that almost has the same package. The writing style is quite awesome and also the environment of the office is quite aptly described. Almarie Guerra’s narration moves well along the story and it helps us to distinguish the women with different viewpoints in the story.

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