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Mark Tufo after a brilliant science fiction series now joins hands with John O’ Brien for another fantasy. The hero is the same and so is the narrator but the battlefield is different, Sean Runnette accomplished a high name after the narration of thirteen books of the zombie series and this one is not very different. Michael Talbot is with a new companion in a new world; Jack Walker is a new addition in the fictional world as he too happens to come from a different world.

In the initial chapters the two heroes first think of this alien world a dream because it is so different that it is hard to believe that it is all real. Mike still has the memories of Zombie Fallout 5 and Til Death Do Us Part in his mind and the creatures that he fought on the earth. Now those struggles are far behind because he is in a different world and his basic focus is to return to his world that appears to be far away from this alien planet.

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Jack also shares the same feeling because his world too was not different; it was his job to kill hideous creatures present in his world that was once human. Thus for the two looking at each other appears as if they are looking at a mirror image, both are warriors and have fought against demons and now their primary goal is to return to their loved ones. Still confused that what brought them there both march on together so that the chance of survival increase to some extent and together they would be able to solve the riddle of their transportation.

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