White Butterfly

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White Butterfly is a highly absorbing novel by the great author, Walter Mosley. The book is part 3 of the Easy Rawlins mystery novel series. The modern detective role gives a new life to every part of this novel series. The narration of White Butterfly novel is given by Michael Boatman in his excellent and very expressive voice. The voice-over abilities of the narrator are really special and you will definitely find his voice very close to your heart and something, which will connect you to the soul of the story.

A series of murders took place. But, there was no police to be seen at the doorstep of Easy Rawlins, until the 3rd girl lost her life through another brutal killing. The story is set in the year 1956 and in Los Angeles. This was the time at the place, where it literally took more than a single murder of a black girl, before the police could show any level of interest. Now, all that the police needed was Easy in order to solve the mystery of murder. But, Easy was not at all interested and turned down the offer thrown at him by the Police. It was mainly because of his domestic commitments, as he was married and also a father. His detective days were over, long ago. But, he has to return back to his role after another murder takes place.

Walter Mosley has impressed his listeners far beyond this book only. If you are a fan of the author and specifically the crime mystery novels, then you must check out his novels: A Red Death and Down the River unto the Sea.







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