White Night

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Harry got a place in the White Council of Wizards and he completed the first task nicely but enmity has risen from within the council against him. It is not his personality or skill that is a threat to the enemy but his motives are making things tough for those who want to practice black magic and thus make use of the humans for their own purpose.

In Dead Beat  it was observed for the first time that Harry was concerned about people around him emotional. Of course the official wizard is always concerned about the people of the world but that is his duty. Now again comes the emotions when Harry’s half brother Thomas gets into trouble. The issue is far bigger than he imagined someone has been killing the untrained wizards and now the council thinks that it was Thomas. Harry is clear about one thing i.e Thomas is not a killer, despite being man things the man still cannot kill.

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Investigations go deeper and deeper and the White Council is not what it seemed in appearance there are some among the higher ranks who have devised an evil plot. The plot goes against everything for which the Council originally stands and thus the battle in the wizard world starts.

The hero is now in the making as Harry takes side for what is right according to him and no one dictates terms when it comes to his family. Narration is in intense pitch and looks like James Marsters has been doing rehearsals for this one. Main character is in such a situation for the first time and the case is related to the wizard world and not the human world.



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