Wife Betrothed, Book 1

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Love troubles many people but superstitions and predictions of the future always make things worse than one expects. Same happens in this new series by Penelope Sky that is narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo and Lia Langola. A twenty one year old guy goes to a fortune teller for the sake of knowing his future.

Instead of good things the man gets the bad new first as the fortune teller informs him that the one thing he cannot achieve in life is true love. The more he will love the woman that seems to be the most important one in his life the more she will run away from him.

And all of this would happen because of the bad deeds that he is going to perform in the years to come. It appeared ridiculous to him because he was not in love at that time and then approximately a decade later he met Sofia. It was love at first sight but jut from his side; the girl was not interested in him. Now more years have passed and Sofia’s family needs someone to look after the family business and Sofia too.

There are two main things that the family wants i.e charm in the man’s personality and money in man’s purse coming with the marriage proposal. Luckily the hero has both of these qualities but the problem is that the words of the gypsy still echoes in his mind. Without going through Husband and Lover the listener will not get close to this new concept of the series. Love is there but it is a strange sort that doesn’t exist in real world quite often.

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