Wild at Heart

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The novel starts right where K.A Tucker left the last one i.e The Simple Wild when Calla despite having love for Jonah left all of surroundings and the man she loved the most. All of this was done because she was afraid of the experiment that her mother did and failed in a big way. It was because of that failed experiment that she never got time to show her love for her father and her mother also led an isolated life.

Calla thus wisely returns to the busy routine of Toronto and tries to forget whatever happened in Alaska. Sadly she wasn’t able to forget any of it and her prayers were answered when she saw Jonah on her door step all of a sudden. With the approach of Jonah she was unable to resist and thus makes the same decision that her mother made years ago. She goes back to the wild and it is not just the weather that she has to face but the neighbors are also less friendly than she expected.

Jonah of course is not with her all the time and in her isolated condition in a log house there is not much that she can do because of the extreme cold outside. But she knows that she don’t have to make the same mistake that her mother and father made once when she was just a child.

The time has come for her to stand with her decision or run away from all of it just like her mother, one thing is clear she knows that her mother never did the right thing. In extreme cold Calla tries to keep her wits to herself and she is ready to toil for the betterment of her love and the survival of her love. Rebekkah Ross did great in the first part and here the narrator is not much behind in excellence as well.

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