Will of Fire

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All of it started with the stealing of the soul for the return of which Torsten and Whitney started their quest and then things got messy after each step. Whitney got busy with Sora who had problems of her own to deal with and really needed help from the famous thief. Torsten on the other hand remained focused to his mission against Drad Redstar. Here in this third part the battle is lost and Torsten faces a nasty fate in the dungeons. Redstar after the success gets busy in the affairs of the state.

All the villain now wants is full control over the Glass Kingdom and for this purpose he fills the seats and posts of high officials with the rebels. Only one man can save Torsten now but that man is missing for a while now. Sora is found searching for Whitney but the man is present nowhere, the girl wants to find him at any cost because she thinks of him as a messiah. After much search and with the help of some magic the girl finally gets the trace of the thief that saved her life.

Whitney got stuck in the world known as Elsewhere and this in between world leads to no end which means that he is lost forever. Sora not the same dependent girl of course is fully aware of her magic now and she thinks that it’s time to return the favor to Whitney. Rhett C. Bruno and Jamie Castle after Web of Eyes and Titan’s Fury are doing well here and Luke Daniels voice is also serving the purpose nicely. Characters including the villain are strong and challenging in all respect, there is also love emerging that will play its role in future.

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