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The fifth female character narrated again by Rebecca Soler is Princess Winters; she got a brief introduction in Fairest. The author has done this so many times; she introduces a character as a minor one in part and then knits the whole next part around it. It was Winters who was born when Levana was trying to correct her life in so many ways.

Winters has grown up fully when this book gets a kick start. Among the Lunar people, the princess has emerged as a hot favorite not only because of her beauty charm but also because of her good behavior. Though all her life the girl has remained under the supervision of Queen Levana she is nothing like her stepmother.

However there exists a similarity too between the two, Winters has a crush on a guard just like Levana. A twist in the story is that only this time the guard named Jacin also has a love for the princess so hopes are high that her story might not end in the same pattern. Over the past many years Winters has been negating the orders of her mother as her urge to have Jacin is making her mad.

For the fulfillment of her dreams, the young princess joins forces with Cinder then Scarlet so that all of them can get rid of the monster named Levana. Marissa Meyer the writer of this series is very cleverly adding more and more characters in the campaign. At the start, it was just Cinder who rose against the queen and now many are willing to join the battle to overthrow the tyrant.


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    1. Thank you so so much for your contributions to this series… I have the first three books but Winter is not in stock in my country, something related to editions I was told. However, I could not bear the anxiety of waiting to have it on paper so I decided to listen it. You make a great job in every part you read. Winter and Scarlet sound so perfect in you, if that makes sense. You’re also helping me with my english, as listening helps with pronunciation as well. Thank you for all your hard work!


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