Winter World

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 The Winter World novel took the literature world with a storm and this piece of writing was critically acclaimed by a number of literature experts and book buffs. A. G. Riddle seems a familiar name to many and his work in the Winter World novel speaks loudly about his capabilities and confidence as a writer. The narration of the book was done by Edoardo Ballerini and Amanda Leigh Cobb.

The story initially talks about extreme winters with snow expected. The world was at the verge of getting frozen and that was the last thing expected. A totally novice ice age has setup and the mankind was forced to threaten its own extinction.

Billions of people fled out of the extremely cold areas and glaciers and crowded out to find resort in last few left habitable areas of the world. However, the people were not aware about the fact that they may escape extreme winter, but they could get rid of the human nature. In short, a cataclysmic war was shaping up and the people were totally unaware about it.

Just at this time, a group of scientists were working on Winter Experiments and to find out the reason behind extreme cooling of the planet Earth. However, none of their experiments worked or made any sense. Later on, they found an anomaly in the system and pointed to a variation in the solar radiation, which was totally unexplained.

The success of A. G. Riddle spans well beyond this Winter World novel. His other brilliant pieces of work includes The Atlantis Plague and The Solar War and both are loved for their powerful stories, amazing characterization and brilliant narration.



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    The Solar War


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