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Witch Hunt tells a great tale about the greatest mass delusion that ever happened in the political history of America. It is a nonfiction book writer by Gregg Jarret. Charles Constant is the main narrator of this book, who is good with his tonal quality and the soothing voice required to do this job. Gregg Jarret, the writer himself has also played his part in the narration of this book.

Gregg Jarret is a legal analyst at Fox News and here he tells some critical facts about American political history.

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How is it possible for a tiny group of just few influential intelligence officials to convince the Americans that the president of their country is a traitor, and that too without any proof?

The real idea behind Witch Hunt is that they want people in influential public offices to believe that they actually are witches.

There are no signs ever seen, which are as naïve as the distraught Democrats in 2016. The Washington insiders broke one rule after the other in order to investigate the US president and following a conspiracy, which was actually nonexistent.

Somehow, this turned towards Trump and was expected that he has something to hide. All those associated with Trump were pushed back into the plea deals, which actually didn’t had anything to do with the ‘Russian’ collusion.

The Russia Hoax is another marvelous nonfictional politics based book written by Greg Jarret. The book with a wonderful narration talks about the forbidden scheme planned for clearing Hillary Clinton and subsequently framing the current president Donald Trump for that thing. The Russian Hoax has now been abided out by the Mueller Report.







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