Witness in Death

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Good acting from the leading character turns into a nightmare for Eve Dallas and her husband as they become a witness of a murder in the theater. Unluckily Eve’s husband owns the theater as well and thus the two get the sort of attention they never suspected. Eve too finally gets the case related to a celebrity, the thing that she has been dreaming throughout her career but not in this pattern.

The career and the family business of the husband and wife is on the line as they move forward in the case in quite a haste otherwise they along with the whole crew would end in jail. All they know is that the actor was stabbed in the center of the stage and that was the part of the play. The one thing they never expected was that the dagger was a real one as so was the blood. The more they want to hide different aspects the more they find themselves being followed by the press.

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For the first time perhaps we see so many suspects in the novel as everyone in the crew and present in the theater appears to be one of the prime suspects. In the parts like Vendetta in Death and Naked in Death the suspects were always one or two in number.

Also the witnesses always proved to be of great help but this time Eve and her husband are the only witness. J.D. Robb has always remained successful in giving a new face to the “In Death” series. This time like always the scene of crime is new and the so is the way of committing a crime.

The only thing that is same is the narrator Susan Ericksen who has been successful in molding herself with the situations accordingly.



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