Wolf Girl

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Wolf City was the place where the parents of the girl used to live in the past. Then they got banished from the place because of certain reasons which they just don’t want to talk about. The young girl was born after the banishment but she too is not allowed to use her magic. Her shape shifting powers have been blocked by her parents and she is sent to the college where the Magically Banished Youth is given a chance to study.

Moving among the vampires and witches was scary for most but not for this particular girl who had a strong heart. On one occasion Sawyer Hudson came to the institute who happens to be the son of the Alpha. The boy was looking for a mate and when he saw this strange young girl, he at once ordered that she too should be present at the Werewolf Bachelor function. In that function there were several other females of her age who were quite desperate to become the mate of the prince of Wolf City.

In order to make her able to compete, the blocked powers of the young girl are unblocked and she realizes that she is more powerful than the rest. She does not turn into an ordinary werewolf rather her werewolf form is huge and she is soon going to find out the reason.

Leia Stone’s Shadow Angel, Book Three and Matefinder: Volume 1 have same kind of creatures in them. There is plenty of spice in everything which the author has produced. Vanessa Moyen i.e the narrator of the series has tried to keep a strong pitch because we are not dealing with the human world here.

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