Wolf Pack

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Joe Pickett the man who though had faced everything during his service for the agency confronts another threat that he never thought was coming. He lost his job in the previous part when he disobeyed orders something that we seen in many parts like Open Season and Winterkill and good thing is that Joe always gets back is job and respect. This time too his job is restored but still he is not allowed to investigate in his area.

He knows that the dead bodies are piling up in his locality and according to his expectations it is the wolf pack that has pounced on his land for a certain task but he cannot take even precautionary measures. Moreover trouble at home strikes him more than anything as he comes to know that his daughter is having an affair with the boy whose drone is slaughtering the wildlife on a massive scale.

The fire has reached the door step and he cannot get out of the house even as he is warned by the FBI not to put his nose in that matter. The instincts don’t allow the soldier to rest and thus he along with a colleague starts an uncharted mission that could probably end up in a catastrophe. The female game warden that joins Joe for the mission is a real life character added by C. J. Box to make the story look more inspiring.

David Chandler struggles to keep pace with the development of the story for the initial portion and later the narration matches in a good way, not excellent though but still digestible and appreciable.




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